MSH2 Introduction

MSH2 is a Message Service Handler implementation supporting ebxml Message Service (ebMS) specification and SMTP communication protocol.
MSH2 is developed in Visual Basic .NET language with MS Visual Studio 2005.

 MSH2 data exchange schema
MSH2 data exchange schema

MSH2 supports:

  • sending and receiving of XML messages,
  • ebXML Message Service v3.0 (ebMS) standard for the message envelope,
  • XML Signature standard to apply digital signature to messages,
  • XML Encryption standard to encrypt and decrypt messages,
  • reliability,
  • SMTP communication protocol,
  • ebXML Collaboration Protocol Agreement v3.0 (ebCPPA) standard to read the communication parameters and configure the communication,
  • ebXML Business Process v2.0.4 (ebBP or BPSS) to exchange XML messages related to business process.

Download MSH2 (standard package) [~ 550 KB]
It contains MSH2 only

Download MSH2 (all-in-one package) [~ 73 MB]
It contains MSH2 requirements:
- .NET framework 2.0


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