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EcoClearProx®, innovative stabilised H2O2 solution
Abstract EcoClearProx® is an innovative stabilised hydrogen peroxide solution which was developed by ABT Belgium for use in different sectors where efficacy, quality and safety are primordial.
Descrizione The stabilisation of the product differs substantially from concurring H2O2-based solutions.
Description including main features/advantages
EcoClearProx® is a worldwide patented, innovative stabilised hydrogen peroxide solution of foodgrade quality. The stabilisation of the product requires minimally a sugar alcohol. The product is especially useful for many applications where disinfection by-products are of concern and where classical H2O2-stabilisers (e.g. silver nitrate) or active substances different from H2O2 (e.g. peracetic acid) are not wanted or accepted.
The advantages of EcoClearProx® summarised: Is of foodgrade quality and has a high stability especially when compared with chlorine. Is authorised for various applications in Belgium, while authorisation procedures in several other countries are in a final stage or ongoing. Has a broad spectrum of activity (oxidation, disinfection, etc.) and is at least equal or more effective as chlorine. Is less corrosive than chlorine after dissolving in water and can be used in combination with many materials without adverse effects. Does not generate dangerous compounds during reaction with organic materials or acids. Generates H2O during its oxidising activity. No harmful substances remain after disinfection. Has less environmental impact than for example chlorine-based biocidal products. Is odourless before, during and after its application, and by this differs substantially from many other disinfection products. Innovative aspects High stability Broadspectrum activity 100% foodgrade quality No generation of disinfection by-products Useful for a non-limitative list of various applications, including (drinking) water treatment next to many other applications Current and potential industrial users/domains of application
In the field of water treatment EcoClearProx® can be used as oxidant and disinfectant in:
- drinking water production
- process water treatment
- irrigation water (agriculture/horticulture)
- waste water treatment
- eradication of Legionella in sanitary installations
- room/space/surface/tools/apparatus decontamination through vaporising
- decontamination of food products (vegetables, meat, fish, etc.),
- various applications including air purification, toxin removal, plant protection, bioremediation (including removal of pesticides, hydrocarbons, etc.), veterinary applications and human care applications including pharmacy, parapharmacy, general cosmetics, body care, dermatology and hair care (non-limitative list). Current state of development
EcoClearProx® is already commercialised directly by ABT Belgium or under different brand names through various subcontractors in many European and non-European countries, while further innovations and authorisations are still ongoing.
Contact details
Advanced Biological Technologies Belgium (ABT Belgium)
Contact person
Mr. Pierrot Kerger
Ledebaan 86, 9300 Aalst, Belgium
TRL - technology readiness level 4 Prototipo in piccola scala.
Laboratorio TIGRI
Partner ENEA
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