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TEXWIN, Textile Work Intelligence by closed-loop control.
Acronym TEXWIN
Abstract Textile Work Intelligence by closed-loop control of product and process quality in the Textile Industry. Adaptive case based system for control optimisation of machinery at factory level for manufacturing industry (applied to textile and plastic).
Large_Description TexWIN is a STREP research project , call FP7-NMP-2009-SMALL-3.

The objective of TexWIN is to increase productivity by up to 20% and reduce down-times of machines by one third of workshop factories; due to a reduction of stop times, set-up times and waiting times, increased flexibility and reliability of processes, and due to reduced sampling effort.

The breakthrough is to exploit existing knowledge available in various factory internal and factory external sources by

  • (1) combining and evaluating process state information as well as product and material
    characteristics and
  • (2) deriving best production instructions.

Additionally existing production knowledge and experiences from production operators is preserved and made available by the CBR module.

This is enabled by the hierarchical control structure TexWIN-Concept consisting of an adaptive and modular system TexWIN-System and re-engineered TexWIN-Processes improving quality of products and processes of workshop factory operations.

The TexWIN-System integrates the two following units:
  • (1) the factory controller for the improvement of the process schedule and event-based
    coordination of factory (inter-)operations and
  • (2) the adaptive CBR-based production unit controller for identification of best process recipes/machine settings concerning product quality and production process set-up and execution efficiency.

The modules is integrated into a common communication framework, which enables flexible interfacing and ontology-based information transformation.

The TexWIN-Processes are adapted factory business processes which allow maximising the efficiency and quality effects and seamless integration into existing factories.

In TexWIN the eBIZ / Moda-ML standard messages has been used in order to transmit information about single yarn lots (features resulting from mechanical testing for example of each specific lot) from yarn producer to weaver in order to optimise their use on weaving machines.

TexWIN, which has been tested within 5 textile and plastic mills, is best suited for industries dealing basically with make-to-order production, small batches, high-quality product variants, workshop production, complex processes and non-homogeneous and/or natural materials.

A Yarn Quality message for data exchanges between yarn suppliers and weavers was developed based on eBIZ/Moda-ML and Ontomoda semantics and syntaxes.

start_date 16/03/2010
end_date 15/03/2013

Introduction to TexWIN project

The case of Filatura Marchi: yarn production

The case of Lanificio Botto: weaving

The case of Lanificio Piacenza: finishing

Keywords closed loop control - machinery - interoperabilty - case based reasoning
Development_Status Complete
Funding European
Keywords closed loop control - machinery - interoperabilty - case based reasoning
S3 Area none  Traiectory  not specified
Platform none  Section not specified
Project_Type R&D
Research Unit Name Laboratory Role
X-LAB Unità Operativa X-LAB Home page CROSS-TEC laboratory (ICT and ENERGY) Partner

Related research topics
Code Topic Description
3.1 Interoperability technologies
I.1 Innovation in Fashion industry Innovation in FASHION industry

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