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Emergenza nucleare e radiologica
Abstract INnovative CLUster for raDIological and Nuclear emerGencies
Large_Description INCLUDING connects 15 Partners from 10 EU Member States (MS), bringing together infrastructure, equipment and experts coming from Medical Organizations, Fire Corps, Government Department, Municipalities, Law Enforcement Agencies, Ministries, Governmental and Civilian Research Institutes and Industries operating in the field of radiological and nuclear emergencies. Far from being a simple aggregation of entities separated geographically and with complementary expertise, INCLUDING pursues to develop a Federation in which individual Members will cooperate together to provide a common framework to standardize access to their respective facilities, enhance interoperability and to allow a more intensive use of expensive equipment. The operative tool to manage the Federation will be a web-based platform with a sophisticated architecture and whose functionality has been proven in a previous EU project. At the same time the project aims to enhance practical know-how and to boost a European sustainable training and development framework for practitioners in the Radiological and Nuclear Security sector.
The INCLUDING project will be flexible in order to include new facilities and innovation in technology, organizations and procedures. The plurality of facilities and expertise in the INCLUDING Federation reflects the complex and intertwined structure of the prevention and response phases of RN threats and will provide to the practitioners a set of real or emulated scenarios where to test concept of operations in a controlled environment.
The Joint Actions will be the focal points of the project. They are multidisciplinary field exercises, tabletop exercises, training, serious gaming and simulation organized at their premises by the project partners and with the objective of demonstrating the added value of the Federated scheme and of the use of an innovative tool like the INCLUDING web based Platform to manage a pan European network of training facilities and resources.
start_date 01/08/2019
end_date 31/07/2024
Keywords global cooperation, radiation protection, security, surveillance systems, system security
Development_Status In Progress
Funding European
Keywords global cooperation, radiation protection, security, surveillance systems, system security
Platform none  Section not specified
Project_Type R&D
Research Unit Name Laboratory Role
NUFOC Nucleare forense e CBRN forense Home page Traceability laboratory Scientific/Technical coordinator

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