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Geochemical and isotopic tracers to define the aquifer’s vulnerability: the case study of the alluvial multi-aquifer system of the Friulian plain
Authors Di Renzo D, Rizzo A, Telloli C, Salvi S, Marrocchino E, Nieto Yàbar D, Vaccaro C.  Year 2023
Pubblication type Paper International Conference with referee
Abstract The Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region (north of Italy) is characterized by the presence of high-quality freshwater resources which benefit local citizens, animals, environmental habitats, and also agriculture and production activities. Waters from wells, canal, and wastewater selected in the Fiume Veneto area, through a detailed lithological modeling, were sampled and analyzed to characterize them from a geochemical point of view. The chemical and isotopic characterization made it possible to establish provenance, and the average age of water used, making available the estimation of the relationships between recharge capacity and water use in the Fiume Vento area. The focus of this study is to define the average age of the resources based on the time required for the recharge contributions to compensate the losses induced by exploitation. The results made it possible to support the plans for a water balance using the provenance and average age of water sources for the protection of water reserves formed by the multi-aquifer system of the high and medium Friuli plain. The methodology applied has followed the legislation of the water directive considering the overexploitation due to unauthorized withdrawals of the sampling area.
Reference Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 195, 781, 1-27.
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Research unit RADEC
LastUpdate 26/09/2023
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