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Strumenti semplificati di LCA di screening eVerdEE e di ecodesign TESPI
Description The aim of simplified tools is to support the SME in processes of environmental productís innovation to increase the green market.
eVerdEE investigates the environmental aspect of product life cycle, including supply chain, distribution and the end of life.
The tool allows to know the product and applies environmental improvement: energy and raw material saving, emission and waste reduction, etc. eVerdEE can compare different design solutions, is web based, user friendly and identify the most significant impacts in the product life.

The tool eVerdee allows at the enterprise to have :
- Innovative methodology
- Environmental improvments of product and process
- Good organization of enterprise data
- Improvement of environmental communication

TESPI allows analysis and assessment of environmental, functional and quality performances of product. This tool is aimed at supporting an environmentally conscious design for productís innovation and new product.
TESPI is web based and is adapted to meet SMEsí needs (simplified, user friendly, quickly,..).
The tool promotes the interactions among different functions of the firmís organisation.

TESPI permits to:
- integrate quality and environmental aspect
- design taking into account the product life cycle
- show result with a succession of graphic useful for internal and external discussions
- involve different enterprise sectors (marketing, supplying, quality, environmental, design and production)

Keywords Strumenti semplificati, LCA, ecodesign Semplified tools, LCA ecodesign
TRL - technology readiness level 9 Full commercial application.
Laboratory LEI
Partner ENEA
Main research topic 2.1 LCA-ECODESIGN
Direct LISEA result Falso
Direct Technopole result Falso
Related research topics
Code Topic Description ID
2.1 LCA-ECODESIGN Life cycle Assessment and Ecodesign 2

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