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BIBLIOGRAFIA prodotta dal laboratorio

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Analytical Techniques for a Rapid Determination of Nitrogen Content in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Autori A. Rizzo, C. Telloli  Anno 2019
Tipologia Articolo Rivista internazionale con referaggio
Abstract A more attention to agri-food products was increase from the consumers not only because of their nutritional value but also for their origin (location) and authenticity, in order to practice more conscious consumption and to safeguard their health. Analytical chemistry played an important role in traceability for all products in the food market. Olive oil is an important agricultural product for the economy of the Mediterranean area, but it has undergone major alterations in quality in recent years. In Italy, some farmers worked in the olive oil sector have been subjected to legal investigations due to manipulations through mixture with olive oils from other countries. The aim of this study was to verify and develop a fast screening method to characterize specific parameters of olive oil, such as acidity and nitrogen content, and to highlight correlations with the pathogen Xylella fastidiosa.
Referenza_Bibliografica Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Science, 1 (2019) 1-5.
Riferimento WEB http://www.heraldopenaccess.us/fulltext/Agronomy-and-Agricultural-Science/Analytical-Techniques-for-a-Rapid-Determination-of-Nitrogen-Content-in-Extra-Virgin-Olive-Oil.php
Unita di Ricerca TRAC
LastUpdate 04/03/2021
Topic di ricerca collegati
Codice Topic di ricerca Descrizione
4.2 Rintracciabilita-tracciabilità isotopica prodotti Isotopic techniques for checking product's origin

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