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Stefania Bruni
Phone +390516098204
ResearchUnit SAFE   (TEMAF#/tecnopolo/defaultTEMAF.asp?lingua=en&mL=menuTEMAF#)
Role OU Responsible
CV Stefania Bruni, biologist, specialized in Scanning Electron Microscopy at the Institute of Electron Microscopy in Bologna.
She works in ENEA since 1990.
Senior researcher in SSPT-MET-ISPREV Laboratory of Seismic Engineering and Natural Hazards Prevention at ENEA, the Italian Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development.
She is the responsible of SEM laboratory in SSPT-MET-ISPREV, involved in projects and researches regarding analysis and characterization of many kinds of materials, with particular focus on the restoration of historic buildings for Cultural Heritage.
The laboratory has carried out some National and European projects in the field of Cultural Heritage protection and preservation and many studies for the recovery of buildings and historic towns after earthquakes, such as the reconstruction plan of Arsita town, in the Abruzzo region, lasted from 2011-2013.
She attended to a master on diagnostic art at the Scientific Laboratories of the National Gallery in London, gaining skills that allowed the training of specialists in diagnostic art by Scanning Electron Microscopy and microanalysis.
She is tutor of graduate students from the University of Bologna, Faculty of Preservation of Cultural Heritage and from University of Ferrara, Department of Science of Earth. She is also tutor for European masters and stages, and for PhD courses.
She is member of the Tecnopolo of Bologna project, in the TEMAF/SAFE laboratory.
She was the ENEA representative in BS-ERA.NET project, Network on science and technology in Black Sea Region in 2012.
She is the scientific responsible of ENEA activities in ENPI 2010 Annual Action, Twinning program contract 'Support to the Institutional Development of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia' GE11/ENP-PCA/OT/13.
She is involved in LIFE10ENV/IT/365/PODEBA project 2013/15, LIFE12ENV/IT/356/RESAFE project 2014/16 and EURATOM 'CAST' project 2013/16 for materials analysis.
She is author of a numerous scientific works on national and international journals.
Downloadable CV /tecnopolo/download/cv/CV_stefaniabruni.pdf
Bibliographic research click here for bibliographic research#/tecnopolo/imple/liste.asp?opz=1&rtdr=/tecnopolo/&xmlsrclista=/tecnopolo/imple/Bibliografia-lista.xml&lingua=en&w=instr([authors]%2C%27Bruni%27)&wtext=Bibliographic research with author Bruni#

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