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Definitions of Positive Energy Districts: A Review of the Status Quo and Challenges
Authors Vicky Albert-Seifried, Lina Murauskaite, Gilda Massa, Laura Aelenei, Daniela BaerSavis, Gohari Krangsås, Beril Alpagut, Anna Mutule, Nikola Pokorny, Han Vandevyvere  Year 2021
Pubblication type Book chapter
Abstract This paper presents an overview of PED definitions used in five prominent EU programmes and nine PED-relevant projects across Europe. By drawing similarities and finding discrepancies between them, the paper aims to identify the gaps and challenges in existing work. Through systematic comparison, the paper recognises common traces and differences between existing definitions. The main challenges include the definition of PED boundaries, the method for calculating energy balance, the scope of non-energy matters and the assessment of qualitative requirements. As the PED definitions are to be applied to locations with considerably different local contexts, it would be sensible to develop PED definitions in the form of an adaptive framework. This review marks the start of a quest for a universal framework of PED definitions that addresses the existing challenges. The goal is to provide the evidence base for policymakers and other relevant stakeholders in strengthening the PED concept and ease its implementation.
Reference Albert-Seifried, V. et al. (2022). Definitions of Positive Energy Districts: A Review of the Status Quo and Challenges.
In: Littlewood, J.R., Howlett, R.J., Jain, L.C. (eds) Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2021 . Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol 263. Springer, Singapore.
Research unit X-LAB
Keywords Positive energy districts, Definition framework, PED challenges
LastUpdate 08/04/2022
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