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Ontology Explorer
abstract The Ontology Explorer is a web tool with a dynamic interface and based on the last AJAX technologies (GWT) for the visualization, the navigation and the research on every OWL Ontology in the Web.
Description The Ontology Explorer shows the details of specific ontologies to common users in easy way.

The Ontology Explorer is a configurable web tool that allows the browsing of any on-line OWL ontology. The tool is mainly oriented to the Domain Expert rather then to the Ontology Expert or developer.

Usually, domain experts have great knowledge about the concepts that concern their expertise area, but their knowledge about ontology implementation is quite absent.

The Ontology Explorer provides more and better functionalities than other tools, dedicated to the same purpose, had before its development began. To enable these functionalities, the Ontology Explorer is designed to be intuitively to use (also for the inexpert user) and many visualization and navigation configuration alternatives are available to the user. It also implements dynamic components that respond to user input, thus enhancing interactivity.
To provide all these features, this tool was implemented with/using new technologies like AJAX and GWT.

Keywords OWL Ontology AJAX GWT
Laboratory X-LAB
Partner ENEA
Documentation web page click here for the documentation web page
Main research topic 3.1.4 Semantic tools
Direct LISEA result Falso
Direct Technopole result Falso
Related research topics
Code Topic Description ID
3.1 Interoperability technologies 1
3.1.4 Semantic tools Semantic tools for interoperability 26

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