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Validation of simulated atmospheric fields for air quality modeling purposes
in Italy
Authors L. Vitali, S. Finardi, G. Pace, A. Piersanti, G. Zanini  Year 2010
Pubblication type Paper International Conference with referee
Abstract The MINNI project supports policy makers in the elaboration and assessment of air pollution policies in Italy. In MINNI, an
Eulerian Atmospheric Modelling System (AMS), built around the chemical transport model FARM (Flexible Atmospheric Regional Model), has been applied to several reference years. The meteorological fields necessary to drive air quality simulations at 4x4 km2 space resolution have been reconstructed for years 1999 and 2005 by means of the diagnostic meteorological model LAPS (Local Analysis and Prediction System) employing data assimilation techniques. The first guess background meteorology has been provided by an annual simulation of the prognostic non-hydrostatic meteorological model RAMS (Regional Atmospheric Modelling System) with space resolution of 20x20 km2 and time resolution of one hour.
Model results for year 2005 have been compared with independent observations collected by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
meteorological network, in order to identify strengths and shortcomings of the meteorological fields. The comparison of LAPS results with RAMS fields and observations shows a satisfactory description for all the considered meteorological variables over coastal and inland plains, which are the main target areas for air quality assessment and management. The model performance deteriorates over mountain areas, where model resolution is insufficient to properly resolve Alpine valleys feature and no observations are available to feed LAPS assimilation process.
Reference L. Vitali, S. Finardi, G. Pace, A. Piersanti, G. Zanini
'Validation of simulated atmospheric fields for air quality modeling purposes
in Italy'
Proceedings of 'The 13th International Conference on Harmonization within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes", 1-4 June 2010. Paris, France Pp. 609-613
Research unit MIA
Keywords data assimilation, air pollution meteorology
LastUpdate 16/09/2017
impact factor Falso

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