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Abstract inglese (opzionale): ENEA has participated to a Nuclear Forensic exercise: the Galaxy Serpent exercise, version 3, focused on the investigation on imported uranium ore concentrate materials. The used approach, the tools and the main outcomes will be presented. The scenario was dealing with the interception of a transport vehicle attempting to leave the country carrying illicit cargo. Further inspection revealed geological sources within some labelled containers. Isotopic analysis determined the sources to be uranium ore concentrate and the ENEA CBRN team was tasked to check whether this material was consistent with the material used within its country. The assessments have been carried out using Rare Earth Element (REE) patterns as main fingerprint of the geochemical affinity classes. REEs can be used to verify the origin of the samples and some process they have experienced as they are water insoluble and present in very low concentration in water, so they really reflects the chemistry of the source. In addition, variations in their concentration could be indicative of technological processes aimed at the recovery of some elements that have different high technology applications. The use of statistical tools for the extrapolation of forensic information will be presented and discussed.
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