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Document data - DI720-023

Abstract English (optional): “Use profile management for standard conformant customisation”, in “Enterprise Interoperability IV, making the Internet of the future of Enterprise”, edited by Keith Popplewell, Jenny Harding, Raul Poler, Ricardo Palmeta, proceedings of I-ESA 2010 Conference, Coventry, April 13-15th 2010 , published by Springer-Verlag, London 2010,
ISBN 978-1-84996-256-8
e-ISBN 978-1-84996-257-5

Abstract: The adoption of public applicative standards could improve eBusiness adoption, especially among networks of SMEs. Nevertheless the adoption of such specifications encounters obstacles and hampering factors. This paper analyses some of such factors and the experience of promoting the adoption of standards for eBusiness in sectors dominated by SMEs presence and outlines some of the actions that can be pursued through the adoption of use profiles Automatized management of Use Profiles appears as a way to overcome some of the major problems arising from the nature of the standardised specifications and to reduce the efforts necessary to achieve true interoperability between systems.
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