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Abstract English (optional): Supporting Enterprise Network Set Up Combining ebXML, Semantic Tools and Sectorial Standards.

e-Challenges 2008 conference, Stockholm, October 22-24 2008, pp. 1061-1068, edited by Paul Cunningham and Miriam Cunningham, IIMC International Information Management Corporation LTD, Dublin, Ireland, IOS PRESS, ISBN 978-1-58603-924-0

Abstract: The idea that undergoes the proposed paper is to present a collaborative framework, mainly based on the ebXML standard, able to implement the extended Smart Garment Organisation (xSGO) and Interoperability concepts in a useful set of tools and reference specifications.
We assumed ebXML as a reference for the framework since ebXML represents, at this moment, one of the most important initiatives for the standardisation of collaborative eBusiness processes. The adoption of a standard framework, like ebXML, should reduce the efforts required to set up an electronic collaboration.
Nevertheless ebXML lacks, for the moment, of practical implementations in real cases of clusters of enterprises (whilst cases based on Public Administration are known): with the proposed framework we would cover the gap between the ebXML specifications and the needs for a real implementation of the extended Smart Garment Organisation that is focused on a peculiar production chain like the Textile/Clothing sector.
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