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Abstract English (optional): In proceedings of IEEE CEC 2005, Monaco July 19-22 2005, pp 160-167, Published by IEEE Computer Society, ISBN 0-7695-2277-7

The authors, try to redefine the requirements and the logical architecture for a dictionary that supports a vertical collaboration framework in a standardisation perspective; to this aim the analysis of important vertical and horizontal standardisation initiatives (like EDIFACT and the most recent UBL) as well as the difficulties in setting B2B standards, is a key starting point.
The paper aims to put in evidence how the requirements deriving from an industrial sector, characterised by the large presence of SMEs, leaded to an advanced and flexible approach; it maintains relationships with the world of B2B standards but differs from the philosophy that animates B2B frameworks, influenced by the EDIFACT experience.
The dictionary and the related tools were experienced in the Moda-ML initiative that contributed to set the CEN/ISSS TexSpin and TexWeave specifications for the Textile Clothing industry.
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