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code Topic Description id_Topic
1 Energy 5
1.1 Renewable energy sources Renewable energy sources 11
1.1.1 Energy from organic mass Energy from organic mass 19
1.1.2 Eolic energy Eolic energy 20
1.1.3 Photovoltaic energy Photovoltaic energy 21
1.1.4 Energy plants design, management and test renevable sources Energy plants design, management and test 22
1.2 Energy building efficiency Energy building efficiency 12
1.3 Smart Energy grids Energy grids 13
1.4 Energy uses in industry Energy uses in industry 14
1.5 Hydrogen Hydrogen as energy vector 18
1.6 Sismica, sicurezza e sostenibilità infrastrutture 36
1.6.1 Sicurezza e sostenibilità con approccio multirischio e tecnologie geomatiche Tecnologie di telerilevamento e sistemi informativi territoriali applicate alla prevenzione dei rischi naturali ed antropici, al monitoraggio ed alla gestione delle emergenze. 43
1.8 Sustainable mobility 53
1.9 Energy storage Energy storage 78
2 Environment 6
2.1 LCA-ECODESIGN Life cycle Assessment and Ecodesign 2
2.2 Environmental analysis of energy plants Environmental analysis of energy plants 15
2.3 APEA Environmentally friendly productive areas 16
2.4 Waste sources analysis Waste sources analysis 17
2.5 Trattamento reflui 28
2.5.1 Trattamento reflui Civili 40
2.5.2 Trattamento reflui industriali 41
2.5.3 Trattamento reflui agricoli 42
2.6 Environmental Assessments/Certifications 30
2.7 Athmosferic pollution 31
2.7.1 Models and characterisation for Athmosferic poll 32
2.8 Circular economy Circular economy 72
2.9 Low carbon economy Low carbon economy 79
3 ICT 4
3.1 Interoperability technologies 1
3.1.1 eBusiness standards eBusiness standards 23 eInvoice electronic Invoice data models and standards 39 Testing Conformance testing 50
3.1.2 Communication technologies for interoperability Communication technologies for interoperability 24
3.1.3 Organisational issues in interoperability and networked enterprises Organisational issues in interoperability and networked enterprises 25 QFD Quality Function Deployment methodology for networked enterprises 47 Revenue Sharing Revenue Sharing for networked enterprises 48 Optimisation for networked enterprises Optimisation for networked enterprises 49
3.1.4 Semantic tools Semantic tools for interoperability 26
3.1.5 eHealth Technologies and standard for interoperability in eHealth 29
3.1.6 blockchain blockchain and distributed ledger technologies
83 smart contracts smart contracts for blockchain 81 blockchain applications blockchain and distributed ledger technology applications 82
3.2 Rapid prototyping and CAD Rapid prototyping and Reverse Engineering, CAD/CAM technologies 3
3.2.1 CAD/CAM technologies for cultural heritage CAD/CAM technologies for cultural heritage 37
3.2.2 CAD/CAM technologies for 3D high value design and printing CAD/CAM technologies for high value design 38 CAD technologies for 3d printing (additive manufacturing) 51 Technologies for 3d printing (additive manufacturing) 52 3d printing for FASHION (additive manufacturing) 3D printing technologies applied to FASHION (additive manufacturing) 77
3.3 ICT for energy efficiency ICT for energy efficiency 8
3.4 Smart city Smart city 46
3.4.1 Smart Home and Building One of the pathways explored is that relating to the non-industrial and / or commercial energy consumption profiles of end users over the period day/week/month/year.
Definition of urban energy districts made up of residential complexes (social housing +
3.4.2 Smart city and community Vivacity in changing economies: cities are engines of economic growth and of places where innovations emerge. Yet some cities have greater economic success than others. All over Europe we find cities with rapid economic growth and a strong decline, as wel 55
3.4.3 Smart mobility Smart mobility 56
3.4.4 Smart lighting Smart lighting 57
3.4.5 Smart city platform Accessibility and connectivity: the economic competitiveness of cities and the quality of citizens living in urban areas are directly influenced by the accessibility of urban services and services inside and outside cities, as well as by connectivity.
3.4.6 Renewable energy communities Energy communities are an approach that enables citizens and companies in a territory working together to invest in renewables, reduce energy costs and promote virtuous behavior in the use of energy that increase efficiency and improve the production of r 84
3.5 Decision support systems 61
3.6 HPC-Big Data High Performance computing - big data 62
3.6.1 Complex systems simulation 63 Parallelisation 64 Monte Carlo methods parallel coding, Paralled Discret Event Simulation (PDES) 65 statistical physics for social dynamics analysis 66
3.6.2 data management 67 data management 68 data analytics 69 data visualisation 70 collaborative platforms for data and cod sharing 71
4.1 Analisi isotopiche emanazioni aeriformi 34
4.2 Traceability of products and processes 35
5 Materials Research, development and engineering in the field of advanced materials 73
5.1 Ceramic Materials Research, development and engineering in the field of advanced ceramic materials 74
5.2 Material diagnostics Material diagnostics 75
5.2.1 Non-destructive diagnostics for the study of materials Analysis of materials by scanning electron microscope and electronic microanalysis and in situ material characterization through non-destructive tests. 76
I Innovation in industry Innovation in manufacturing industry 44
I.1 Innovation in Fashion industry Innovation in FASHION industry
I.2 Innovation in agrofood system Innovation in agrofood system 59
I.3 Innovation in building Innovation in building 60
S Scientific divulgation 80


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